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My name is Alexis, I am a 17 year old computer stuff do-er and button clicker. I love every part of computers, from networking, managing Linux and Windows servers to creating websites, coding, scripting, and everything in between!


Work Experience
  • Hostgator.com, LLC.


  • Web
    • Skilled in HTML 4, CSS.
    • Basic knowledge of PHP, Javascript, jQuery.
    • Extended experience with CMS systems, such as WordPress.
  • Microsoft Solutions
    • Proficient with Microsoft Office solutions.
    • Proficient with Windows Server environments which includes Active Directory Services.
  • Linux
    • Knowledgeable on scripting languages such as bash, and perl.
  • Programming Languages
    • Solid base of OOP languages, such as Java.


Want to ask others about me?

Angelica Ramsey, Ed.D.
  • Relation: Angelica Ramsey, Ed.D., formally my principal at Eastlake High School now serves as the Chief Academic Officer at Santa Clara County Office of Education. 
Tomas Sigala
  • Relation: Tomas Sigala, is not only a former teacher, but student advisor as I took part in Eastlake High School’s student council, he now serves as the Hutto College and Career Readiness Coordinator.
Johnathon Wheeler
  • Relation: Johnathon Wheeler is my current direct supervisor at HostGator as of November 2013.
Martin Talamantes
  • Relation: Martin Talamantes is my father, as well as division president at Saratoga Homes. 
Salvador Renteria
  • Relation: Former co-worker at Saratoga Homes.

If you’d like to contact any of the references listed, please download my full resume.

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